Just us two

Well, what to do about meals on a cold snowy Saturday? I mean, who wants to count . . . I am wondering if there are any Vegan/Vegetarian options for couples?

Or what if you are snowed in and it’s only you and your Kindle Fire. . . any ideas for food that is earth-friendly and you can prepare?


Doing the Can-can

Hey everyone, I’m still in Milwaukee for work. However, I thought about a few issues that I need help on: How can you cook Vegan using only cans and a microwave oven? Next, what would you consume if you were going camping?  What would you eat while going to a State Fair?


I look forward to your thoughts on these issues; see you next time!


Not completely Vegan. . . Yet

I had an Annie’s TV dinner, I love pasta and the Vegan cheese was to die for! However, I still have my moments of eating meat. I just make sure that it’s only once a day – -if at all! Of course, I’ve stopped consuming Pork (knowingly) years ago!!!

I season my beans with Vegetable broth and maybe a turkey neck, and using a slow cooker is easy.


A Lazy Saturday Fare

I just started this trek so cut me a little slack! It seems weird not eating meat; however, after coming across Glass Walls by Sir Paul McCartney https://www.peta2.com/feature/glass-walls/ I wanted to change.

For once I am at home,  and in my Crockpot, I have broccoli lightly cooking away. I will be adding brown rice in about in an hour’s time – -it has a light chicken bullion base.

Any comments?